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11-26-17 Robinson Designs
Say hello to the AC119K Stinger 3d model. This is being built for a game mod of Squad. I have been working on maps too like WW2 and Vietnam maps for use in UE4 game engine. Find me here and check out the game: Squad game

Please only use Google Play for downloading my mobile games as third party download sites can be risky. Thanks! I only use Google Play to host any downloads of my software; use other download sites at own risk.

New Code Spy App is released for a general audience and all ages. Please check the Google Play store. More anagrams and cryptograms to solve! 2016

Game is now released on Google Play! CodeSpy The Pirates Treasure. It is a Cryptogram and Anagram puzzle solver game; two games in one! Can you solve all the puzzles and decipher the Pirates Map to find the location of the treasure? Features 91 substitution puzzles and 145,150 anagrams with sizes five letters to nine letters. Hours of code solving fun! Also features pirate music, sounds, and some animation. This is a paid app. visit my new Facebook page at Facebook page Code Spy or for More info

Personal Projects: Robinson Designs

Ludendorff Bridge 3D build

Nearly finished with the 3D recreation of the famous bridge from the WW2 battle called the Battle of Ramagen.
Whole bridge
Bridge animation test
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